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Speaking at the Amos House of Faith Fundraiser

Celia’s Speaking Topics:

Burn Survivors: Overcoming a forever injury and living a healthy and happy life

  • How life changes after a burn injury and how to overcome the hurdles
  • Family life after a burn injury and how to move past the accident
  • Stronger together: Isolation is not the answer
  • Women and burns: We are beautiful
  • The Burn Unit: The good, the bad, the ugly and why hospitals need them
  • Burns in children: How to help as parents

Women: Empowerment to be yourself and succeed in the process

  • Surviving tragedy and succeeding on your own
  • Raising children on your own
  • Becoming a leader: never stop listening, learning and being humble
  • Become the best at any task, any job and any industry

Charities: Changing the world by building a strong and focused organization

  • Starting and building a charity. How to succeed in the process. Best practices
  • Women in charity, what sets us apart

For more information and to book Celia for a speaking engagement, visit here. You can also visit Celia’s Facebook speaking page.


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